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Holsten Brewery (Holsten-Brauerei AG) is a brewing company founded in 1879 in what is now Hamburg's Altona-Nord quarter. The group now has seven breweries in Germany. Its nationally distributed premium brand is the pale lager Holsten Pilsener. The company was acquired by the Carlsberg Group in 2004.


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Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"They believe that you're a robot and can't get sick or they'll fire you.Nice pay, friendly coworkers, & close to a lot of restaurants.Very rude residents & horrible maintenance staff"

Property Manager (Current Employee) says

"they don't provide adequate training and no support to employees. the turnover rate with this company is like a revolving doorhealth benefits are cheapbad leadership"

Mantance Technician (Former Employee) says

"They have some some of the worst manangement staff I have ever worked for. They play alot of favoritism towards employees that do the least work. Management believes in bringing in their own friends and co-workers therefore alot of BS is gotten away with, not to mention they have a very high turnover rate among manangement and staff workers.Descent benefits package program.Too many to list."

Property Supervisor/Manager (Former Employee) says

"Property Supervisor . Supervised and oversaw the development and operations of a 40 acre mixed income housing development located in the River North area . Leased property, managed staff over 295 mixed income rental units . Maintained a seat on the BOD of a condominium association protecting the interests of owners and the investors alike . Procurement and day-to-day operations . Completed lease process of up to 112-unit mixed income property . Submitted budgets for review and approval . Prepared reports, annual compliance packages"

Building Administrator (Former Employee) says

"It was gret working for them at first but then when I got sick and had to take off for Dr's appointments it wet from great to terrible. They don't care about you as a person. They only care if you can do the work."

Building Manager (Current Employee) says

"I spend 12 hours a day when you factor in commute and work hours. It has finally taken its toll and I have been without an assistant for 3 months. Also, even with salaried positions you still have to work during business hours, even if you have clocked your 40 hours."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"The residents and improving their quality of housing. Was a pleasure to be greeted in the morning by the walkers exercising on the grounds. Was reassuring to hear a resident paid a compliment to management about level of service and professionalism. In responding to workorders it was discovered that the windows were leaking. I was assigned the task of coming up with a solution to stop the further interior damage. I shopped around and tested caulks and sealants until I found a solution. I reported it to management who sent the engineer from another site to hear my suggestion. Before 30 days we were scheduling a sampling and it was successful so it was added to the PM schedule to be done at time of pm on the heating system.Great ResidentsDeferred maintenance"

Float schuduler (Former Employee) says

"I love working there for so many years my first job and I learned so much My manager helped me so much giving me hours teaching me more roles in the company gave me big trust in general.location3er shift"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"A typical day of work consist of many different variables from conflict resolution to training staff to renewing leases. I have learned that customer service is the most important part of the job. The hardest part of the job is trying to be available to everyone at the same time."

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